Colin Simmons


Creativity and business strategy are the two driving forces in Colin’s life, which is why Whirl is the perfect fit.

Colin holds a degree in musical theatre performance from Sheridan. Before joining Whirl, he worked across Canada as an actor, director, writer, and producer for over a decade.

As a self-described tech nerd*, he began freelancing as a web designer and front-end developer in 2017, creating imaginative web experiences for clients. He loves infusing his knowledge of the digital realm into every project.

Business strategy runs in Colin’s veins—his grandfather, father, brother, and wife are all successful entrepreneurs—and frames every creative decision he makes.

Colin cares deeply about crafting unforgettable moments for clients and sweats the small stuff to ensure the big picture is executed flawlessly. He thrives on creative problem-solving, cherishes collaboration, and adapts swiftly to challenges.

When not at his computer, Colin loves to read an inordinate amount of books, cook delicious food with his wife, and explore hiking trails with his perfect pooch, Peter Pan.

* His Super Bowl is Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), complete with pizza and popcorn.

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Colin Simmons

Two truths & a lie

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a little better by guessing which of the following statements is a lie...

I performed with Colin Mochrie in a concert production

I have read the Harry Potter series over 20 times


I have a small tattoo of the Apple logo